What is Figlicious?

Figlicious is Australia’s first indoor fig farm which is grown based on the spur pruning methods used in Japan. Having pioneered the production of Australia’s first commercially sold Lebanese cucumber, the Azzi family has now decided to utilise there twenty years experience in the farming and horticultural industry and specialise in quality gourmet figs. Our aim is to provide you with the best quality fig which is unsurpassed in both appearance and taste.

Figlicious utilises the expertise of fig growers in Japan which are internationally recognised for their excellence in fresh food produce.  Each fig tree has been planted in a specially composed mixture of growing mediums which are engineered to produce the best conditions for growth and production.  The plant is slowly shaped to grow vertically and hence making it capable of being grown indoors, immune to the detrimental effects of heavy rain and unexposed to the predators which attack fig trees.  The spur pruning method is utilised to ensure that production is limited to approximately 180 figs per plant to ensure a quality of fruit that is unsurpassed. 

Our family orientated business aims at providing a niche market of high quality figs for the true connoisseur of this heavenly fruit.  We thankyou for taking the time to visit our webpage and look forward to any comments you may wish to make.